Intact Records

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Pure & Flawless Chill House & Pop Music

About Us

Intact Records is an indiependant record label based in Berlin and founded in
2022 by Rocco Scribano, aka. Rolipso, who is an artist himself.

We focus on Pop & Chill/ Deep House Music.

At Intact Records, we know exactly how hard it can be to deal with the music industry. We have been through it ourselves.

is so many talented musicians out there that deserve to be heard. On
the one hand, there is no doubt that this is something beautiful, on the
other hand though, this makes it even more challenging for you to stand out and get heard.

Our goal is to precisely make this happen.

We want to accompany you through your music journey, be on your side and assist you to get heard all around the world.

We have a big Playlisting Network on Spotify and are dynamic on all social
media platforms. We know how to compete in this industry and get your
music heard.

​We´re excited to listen to your songs and get this going, send us your music today!

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